New Generation Big Marking Area 3D Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Side slope signalless than 1msPosition Output Impedance1K±1%ΩPosition Signal Input Ratio0.5V/°Position Signal Input RangeXY2-100Electronic Circuit Stability20PPMInput Voltage±24V--±30VAverage Working Current2.8AMax Input Current10AOperating Temperature40ºC Marking Area300mm x 300mmPr

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Side slope signalless than 1ms
Position Output Impedance1K±1%Ω
Position Signal Input Ratio0.5V/°
Position Signal Input RangeXY2-100
Electronic Circuit Stability20PPM
Input Voltage±24V--±30V
Average Working Current2.8A
Max Input Current10A
Operating Temperature40ºC 
Marking Area300mm x 300mm

Product Features and Functions
1.Product Features:
The principle of laser marking is to use the focused tiny laser beam to generate high energy and then carry out marking process.
The laser marking is non-contact process, without mechanical compression and stress.
Solved the problems for irregular marking, can mark on curved surface, slanted surface, stepped surface and other irregular surfaces.
Reasonable size design, perfect heat dispersion.
Easy-operated software and diversified marking patterns ensures profound results of 3D surface marking.
2. Products Function:
Small heat-affected zone, high-precision processing, low cost, easy-operated, non-polluting, can realize the special marking technique that conventional method can not achieve.
With the assistance of special Z axis optical system, can use the software to control the focus without any mechanical movement within the distance of 200mm during marking.
Marking area can reach to 1000mm x 1000mm, realize the large-size marking. 
Marking head is compatible with several of optical or non-optical devices, such as rotary axis.
With the combination of auto-focus by software control and manual mechanical-focus, this marking head can be used in a wider varieties of applications and products.
During marking process, the 3D controlling system can adjust laser position according to the change of product surfaces and shape, achieve perfect marking effect.
New Generation Big Marking Area 3D Fiber Laser Marking Machine

New Generation Big Marking Area 3D Fiber Laser Marking Machine

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