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2021-12-08 10:46:05 By : Ms. crystal chen

Laser Components introduced fiber optic switches. High-speed fiber optic switches benefit from non-mechanical operation. They are based on electro-optical technology and are highly reliable, with no moving parts and organic materials in the optical path. Available configurations are 1×1, 1×2, 1×4, 2×2, etc., with polarization-independent and polarization-maintaining versions, with ultra-fast switching in the range of 10ns and a rise/fall time of about 8ns with a rate of up to 3MHz. The switch is insensitive and ultra-high reliability 10^14 vibration.

This high-speed switch series has ultra-low loss (<1dB), bidirectional, and covers wavelengths from 500nm to 2000nm. They are polarization insensitive, and are available in a high extinction version in a two-stage configuration. Features also include high optical power handling capabilities up to 10W and a wide operating temperature range (-50°C to +90°C).

Switches are divided into "ultra-fast" response (<5ns rise/fall, up to 1MHz repetition) or (4ns rise, up to 1Mhz repetition), "advanced" response (<50ns rise/fall, up to 1MHz repetition) and "standard" response ( <100ns rise/fall, up to 500KHz repetition). 

The range of high-speed switch series includes polarization switch (fast and reliable), optical shutter 1 x 1 (high extinction), multimode fiber optic switch 1 x 2, 90 degree polarization switch (equipment dynamically controls the optical phase of transmitted light) and switchable fiber optic splitter Router/coupler (100ns rise/fall). The switchable fiber optic splitter adopts the 1×2 format, divides the input optical signal into two output fibers, and has the ability to switch between two splitting ratios.

The switch driver can be used to match the high-speed switch series-high-speed, high repetition, high output voltage and push-pull output design to ensure fast switching times for rising and falling edges. They are designed to drive capacitive loads, which makes them ideal for driving photoelectric switches. They have low power consumption and TTL/CMOS control.

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