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2021-12-08 10:45:23 By : Ms. Cindy Zhuang

CBK Hardware is the authorized distributor of Ridgid products in the Philippines.

Top 5 RIDGID Products in the Philippines

CBK Hardware is the authorized distributor of Ridgid products in the Philippines.

Whether you are an amateur handyman who likes tinkering around the house, or a professional working in the field, you know there are several reasons to like RIDGID tools.

First, RIDGID has released first-class tools to elevate them above the level of entry-level brands. Under normal circumstances, their tools are very cheap and provide professional-grade performance. Unlike most other brands on the market, RIDGID has repeatedly succeeded in producing robust tools that are durable enough to handle the heaviest applications.

We have listed below the top 5 RIDGID products in the Philippines, which are essential products for your workplace and home.

Powerful suction and blower are provided in one tool. RIDGID® models are equipped with a detachable blower. The vacuum cleaner has a dual purpose, allowing the user to vacuum...or...blow away debris.

This model is equipped with a convenient 64 mm x 2.1 m Dual-Flex® Tug-a-Long® locking hose that can be locked to your vacuum cleaner to prevent it from being pulled out during use. The Dual-Flex inserted at both ends of the hose allows it to bend 180° without sacrificing airflow. Due to its 64 mm opening, it also provides better suction power than a smaller hose. The huge capacity, sturdy design and good mobility make it ideal for cleaning up large and difficult messes.

The RIDGID® Power-Spin+ with AUTOFEED® weighs 2 kg, and you can clean drain pipes with diameters from ¾” to 1½” just by pulling the trigger. With its AUTOFEED® trigger technology, you can feed the cable into the sewer by yourself without additional help. The cable is firmly fixed in the reel to prevent the cable from being pulled out. The tool also features a 25-foot length of 1/4-inch kinks-resistant MAXCORE® cable, which is designed for drilling rig drive operations at speeds up to 500.

When diagnosing electrical problems, RIDGID® micro DM-100 sets a new standard. It has passed the industrial use certification (CAT III-1000V and IV-600V) and adopts a dual-molded IP67 enclosure. This digital multimeter is waterproof (1m) and drop-proof, making it very suitable for use in the harshest construction site conditions.

It has 11 different electrical functions ranging from AC/DC voltage and current (1000V) to temperature measurement. In addition, the miniature DM-100 has true RMS and automatic range functions, which can provide the most accurate and fast readings in all applications. For convenient and clear readings, it also has a large backlit LCD display.

The RIDGID® 300 compact threading machine is designed to be lightweight and portable, with proven heavy-duty threading and grooving performance and versatility. It runs quietly and has an independent oil system with adjustable flow control. Another convenient feature of this threader is its quick transport and set-up and hammer chuck with replaceable rocker-type jaw inserts.

Complies with Federal Standard GGG-W65IE, Type II, Class A, RIDGID® Straight Pipe Wrench 1200 mm is designed to turn pipes and use round threaded fittings to tighten and loosen threaded pipe connections. This heavy-duty pipe wrench includes a durable ductile iron housing and an I-steel handle with fully floating forged hooks. It also has self-cleaning threads with interchangeable hook and heel claws. The pipe wrench weighs about 15.6kg, the nominal size is 1200mm, and the pipe diameter is 150mm.

In the past 100 years, RIDGID® has continuously improved the standards of global hand tool manufacturing. And in cooperation with Co Ban Kiat Hardware, the company will continue to provide excellent products to the country.

For 100 years, Co Ban Kiat Hardware Inc. has been the most trusted distributor of home improvement and hardware products in the Philippines.

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For nearly a hundred years, the surname of a family has become synonymous with the country's largest hardware supply company. Co Ban Kiat Hardware Incorporated of the Cobankiat family has a fixed customer network composed of more than 1,500 industry organizations; 1,600 traditional community hardware stores, and 584 home construction specialty chain stores across Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. This growing conglomerate originated in Manila’s Chinatown and was a pioneer company founded in 1920 by the family patriarch Mr. Cobankiat. Despite the ruins of World War II, the company regained its feet in 1948. From the same place, it has been known for three years.

This growing conglomerate originated in Manila’s Chinatown and was a pioneer company founded in 1920 by the family patriarch Mr. Cobankiat. Despite the ruins of World War II, the company regained its feet in 1948. From the same place, it has been known for three years.

While the Filipinos continued to rebuild their lives after the war, CBK Hardware saw an opportunity to introduce previously unheard of retail concepts in the hardware industry. Cobankiat Hardware brought the first DIY business in Asia. Create a do-it-yourself concept for Cobankiat hardware in the Philippines. The hardware workshop shop is the result of this effort. CBK Hardware opened Coby' Design Center in Shanjila in 1996, a specialty store that caters to the discerning tastes of modern Filipinos, further consolidating its legendary distribution channel.

In 1997, the fourth-generation Cobankiat leader, Mr. Johnny Cobankiat, brought the franchise rights of Ace Hardware USA to the Philippines and signed a contract with CBK Hardware to become one of its main suppliers, setting another milestone for the company. This is further extended to provide closer, high-quality world-class products to families of Filipino overseas workers in rural areas.

With a century of excellence, guided by the vision of becoming the world's largest brand and largest network supplier in the hardware industry, CBK Hardware is determined to provide customers with the best products anytime, anywhere.

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