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2021-12-08 10:48:15 By : Mr. Eric Wang

Fluence is a femtosecond laser manufacturer with unique all-fiber technology for materials processing, life sciences and scientific applications. It has introduced the Fluence Ultrafast Laser Application Laboratory (ULAL) in WrocÅaw, Poland, a new facility. The laboratory is equipped with first-class, high-precision automated micro-processing workstations based on high-power femtosecond lasers.

ULAL aims to develop laser processes for future products and technologies, and to open up new frontiers in the field of micromachining for consumer electronics, medical devices, and other applications. ULAL enables Fluence to test new industrial processing strategies, conduct feasibility studies, and identify new applications.

The micro-processing station consists of a positioning table, a galvanometer scanner, and various fixing and beam shaping optics. The core of ULAL is Fluence's Jasper 30 femtosecond fiber laser, which provides three wavelengths, pulse duration tuning from 230 fs to 10 ps, ​​and different time pulse structures.

Jasper lasers cover micro-processing with average power up to 30 W and repetition rates up to 20 MHz, providing single pulse and burst modes to enhance the process. This can divide the main pulse into 2-30 pulses, so each pulse can provide the best laser energy density or energy accumulation required for certain applications. Interacting with the plasma in burst mode pulses separated by tens of nanoseconds opens up new possibilities for shaping the surface morphology.

The cooperation with SCANLAB, ACS motion control and direct processing control (DMC) allows the processing of large samples with precise motion synchronization between the scanner and the linear stage. ULAL is equipped with SCANLAB excelliSCAN galvo scanner, which provides excellent beam direction stability and 51,000 m/s2 acceleration to control the laser beam around the sample. The galvo scanner is closely synchronized with the ACS SPiiPlus motion controller, as part of the XL SCAN system, providing high-precision laser processing in an area of ​​400 x 600 mm. The laser processing machine control is handled by DMC software. ULAL is the first and only facility on the African continent that can demonstrate XL SCAN together with femtosecond lasers. In addition, thanks to the collaboration with Holo/Or (using their DeepCleave module) and Studio Photonics (WoP), the laboratory is able to perform rapid glass cutting.

ULAL’s goal is laser micromachining applications, such as cutting glass, polymers, metals (including titanium, tungsten, and tungsten), and hard materials such as diamond and sapphire; micro-drilling; surface structuring; surface functionalization; volume and surface marking ; Selective layer removal; semiconductor scribing; welding with transparent materials.

The higher harmonic generation of the facility can achieve higher accuracy and better surface finish. The second harmonic generation (SHG) and third harmonic generation (THG) processes provide small beam spots, strong light absorption and minimal heat accumulation to cut thermal polymers and achieve smooth surfaces on different materials.

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